About POAP Fun
About POAP Fun

About POAP Fun

Introducing: POAP Fun

POAP Fun is a platform to create raffles and win prizes with POAPs. Check out our FAQs to learn more about it!


What is POAP Fun?

POAP Fun is a raffle experience that gives anyone the ability to create raffles and give out prizes to POAP collectors.


How Does it Work?

Every POAP has a unique token ID, which represents a ticket number. With our lucky number raffle draw system, each ticket is checked against the lucky number starting at the last digit until there’s only one match; the lucky number is the last number of the gas usage of the latest Ethereum block.

More Questions for…

Raffle Participants

Do I need to manually enter the raffle to win?

It depends.

If the raffle creator has chosen to add all participants automatically, you’ll be entered as long as you hold at least one eligible POAP.

If the raffle creator has decided that all participants must opt-in, you’ll need to manually enter the raffle (and possibly input an email address) to be considered.

Why do some raffles require me to enter my email to join?

Raffle creators may select to require email addresses; this gives them a way to contact the winners to coordinate their prizes!

Does the amount of POAPs I hold increase my chances of winning?

Yes. If there is more than one eligible POAP for the raffle, you will receive one ticket per eligible POAP you hold.

I didn’t receive my prize. What now?

If you know the creator of the raffle, you should reach out to them. POAP Inc. only provides the raffle mechanism and is not responsible for the distribution of prizes.

Why do I need to sign with a wallet to claim my prize?

This helps the raffle creator confirm that the winning wallet is owned by the holder of the email address they are contacting, so no one can impersonate you and steal your prize.

What if I have another question?

Click on the POAP Help button in the bottom right of this page to find helpful articles or get in contact with the POAP Support team.

Raffle Creators

How do I create a raffle?

Anyone can create a raffle! You can start making your own here.

How can I edit my raffle?

Before your raffle draw goes live, you can edit certain aspects in your Raffle Dashboard. You will always receive a link to your Dashboard via email.

Should I add all participants, or let them enter on their own?

We recommend automatically adding for in-person or synchronous raffles, where all holders are present and the owner of the ENS/wallet address can identify themselves.

We recommend participants enter themselves for raffles happening asynchronously, or for raffles with some holders absent, so that you can easily contact the winners about their prizes afterwards.

Can I give other people edit rights to my raffle?

Yes, you can! In your dashboard, you can give other trusted people access to edit your raffle. Give them access through their email address and revoke access in your dashboard if needed.

How can people participate in my raffle?

There is a unique link for each raffle where participants can join or just tune in. You can find and copy this link from your dashboard.

How do I award prizes after the raffle draw?

The winners are displayed on the raffle page and dashboard. You can send the winners an email if you collected participant emails. POAP Inc only provides the raffle mechanism and is not responsible for the distribution of raffle prizes.

Contact Us

Trouble with your raffle? Refer to our Help Center article or chat with support at help.poap.xyz.