About POAP Inc

Who we are

POAP Inc is building a bridge between people and Web3, giving them precious collectibles to cherish their most important memories. We're stewarding a movement that centers human stories, authentic connections, and the importance of individual experiences.

Our mission

Our mission

  • Write history with digital collectibles.
  • Help people find their communities of belonging.
  • Celebrate meaningful shared experiences.
  • Create an ecosystem for the preservation of memories.

Latest News

VogueFrom Vogue Business: February 16th, 2023

Gmoney introduces personalised POAPs to his Web3 luxury brand

Discover how POAP is impacting culture and fashion, while creating never-before-seen innovations.

Seattle StormFrom Geekwire: June 2023

Seattle Storm team up with Coinbase to drop a POAP

WNBA fans commemorated WNBA legend Sue Bird’s jersey retirement with a POAP.

US Open GolfFrom Fortune: June 2023

Amex drops POAPs at the U.S. Golf Championship

Amex dropped 5 POAPs at the U.S. Open in Los Angeles, and gave collectors special deals on merch.

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Growing team

Our team is growing

We are a global team that are making big changes and adding more talent on a regular basis. We post links to opportunities on our LinkedIn page. Check it out for more info about working at POAP