How to use POAP

POAPs are issued for memorable moments.

Issuers use POAP to celebrate meaningful milestones, from precious shared moments to notable contributions.

How POAPs are being used

Digital bookmark

Bookmarks for your life

Mint POAPs in celebration of moments you want your community to remember.

Digital ticket

Digital ticket stubs

POAPs are memorabilia on the blockchain. Concerts and sporting events are better with a POAP to mark the moment.

Digital collection

Online passports

POAPs are used to gate parts of the web. Collectors can get perks based on the POAPs they hold.

Web3 provider

Virtual frontier

Bring your community to the forefront of networked experience. Web3 technologies are enabling magic.

Making your POAP Drop is as easy as making a plan, and using plug-and-play components to bring it to life. Drops need to tell a good story, and be distributed with care.

Enterprise partnership


We work with partners to support high profile, significant activations. Get in touch to see if POAP services are right for you!

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