POAP: A Protocol

POAP, short for "Proof of Attendance Protocol," allows you to mint memories as digital mementos we call "POAPs." Give POAPs to people for sharing a memory with you.

About the protocol

POAP: A Platform

All of your POAPs are displayed in the POAP app, so you can remember the good times wherever you are. An ecosystem of applications brings your POAPs to life.

How to use POAP
POAPs are bookmarks for your life




Each POAP is created to tell a story. Preserve your most important memories forever on the blockchain with words and pictures that bring back the moment.
 It's as easy as filling out a form.



Connect collectors to shared history. When you drop a POAP, you give collectors a chance to own their memories. Use the POAP platform to give collectibles directly to collectors.



Make your memories live forever.
After minting, POAPs unlock a variety of experiences. From group chats to discounts, paint parties and more, POAPs keep the good times alive.

Bring POAP everywhere

The POAP mobile app is the best way to enjoy your POAP collection, wherever you are.

Enterprise Solutions

    If you are a large organization, brand, or agency looking to strategically partner with POAP - contact us to learn more about our premium enterprise capabilities.

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    POAP Inc built the Proof of Attendance Protocol.

    Conceived in 2019 and established in 2021, we created the undisputed standard for collectible proofs of attendance, with millions of proofs minted to date.

    We envision a world where the memories we make are truly ours, and everyone has the opportunity to be a part of history.

    We mint POAPs so people can own their stories.

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